'Space & Beyond' Many Hands - Inspire Book Box

'Space & Beyond' Many Hands

Discover the wonders of space and our journey to conquer it.


Whats included:

  • 'Find your way in space' Book - Your little reader will love choosing their mode of transport and setting off on a mission that will take them all over the galaxy. To save the Zeebles crashed rocket they must navigate through star clusters and visit various planets, collecting objects along the way. This fantastically illustrated, extremely interactive book is sure to become a family favourite.
  • 'Missions in Space' Book - With over 60 flaps and facts to discover your little reader will be kept busy learning all about space with this fun interactive book. Lift the flap to find out what is inside the launcher or find out how an astronaut gets back to Earth, and so much more! Your little reader will love their incredible journey into space with Factivity Missions in Space!
  • 'Space Shuttle Blasts Off' book - Space Shuttle is preparing to launch into space to replace an old satellite. The shuttle engines and booster rockets roar into the sky and the shuttle enters space! Will Panda and his crew be able to replace the satellite? Who will they meet along the way? A wonderful longer bedtime story or daytime read.
  • 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' bookYour little reader will love sharing story time with Olive the owl as she journeys across the twinkling sky, delivering books to all her friends. It is the ideal book for small hands, with sturdy pages and adorable illustrations. 
  • Each book comes with it's own reading guide, tips, and ideas on how to extend them.
  • This themes Bigger Hands engagement gift is Galaxy Slime.
  • This themes Little Hands engagement gift is a fun blast off carry bag and glow in the dark stars.
  • The Bigger Hands craft activity designed by us is "Friends form Beyond". Guaranteed to make them smile this glow in the dark alien will engage them for hours!
  • The Little Hands craft activity designed by Lycie from @the_page_diaries is "Starry Night Sky". A sensory activity using different textures to create a night scene.
  • The lunchbox idea is 'Rocket Ship Sandwich'. A sandwich with a difference blasting right down to their tummies.
  • The recipe is wholemeal carrot muffins.
  • BONUS - Rocket Jump Ship craft Activity.
  • BONUS - Spacetastic Stickers.
  • BONUS - Star Finger Puppet Template.
  • BONUS - Space Printables Pack - 5 pages of fun activities for your little one.  

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