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Recycled Art (4 titles)

Recycled Art (4 titles)

A fun art series with heaps of projects to keep kids entertained without breaking the bank. Children and parents will learn simple techniques to make playful extraordinary projects from rubbish destined for the bin! Hours to fun creating, designing, discussing and playing to be had. 

There are four fantastic titles in this recycled art book series. I was a paper roll, Rescue paper rolls from your recycling bin to make zoo animals or an old castle; I was a egg carton, Rescue egg cartons from your recycling bin to make a penguin island or a happy hen egg box; I was a box, Rescue boxes from your recycling bin to make a multi-storey car park or a robot mechanic; I was a paper plate, Rescue paper plates and cups from your recycling bin to make a Stegosaurus dinosaur or a busy bee hive.

With step-by-step instructions you can create...brilliant art from left over stuff!

Paperback Picture Book
Size: 27 x 21 cm
Page Count: 24 pages
Audience: 5+
Series: Includes 4 titles

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