'Mythical Creatures' Many Hands - Inspire Book Box

'Mythical Creatures' Many Hands

Our Mythical creatures box is all about fun, mystery and imagination

What’s Included:

  • ‘Bigfoot’ - Catherine Chambers -  a fascinating autobiography about the mysterious Bigfoot creature
  • ‘Tooth Fairy' Adam Wallace’ - is a humours read about a very special often talked about creature.
  • ‘Monster Colours' by Laila Hills -  is a fun book about learning colours with different monsters.
  • ‘My Magical Unicorn' by Yujin Shin, Campbell books - a takes your little reader on an interactive journey with a beautiful unicorn
  • 1x Unicorn Sliding puzzle, inquisitive minds will thrive on the thrill of coming up trumps when they put the picture back together and set their unicorn free.
  • The bigger hands book inspired craft activity involves your reader creating their very own tooth fairy bag to treasure.
  • 1x Rainbow Unicorn Duck, perfect for bath time play.
  • Make your very own Rainbow Streamer inspired by the ‘My Magical Unicorn’ contributed by Lycie from @the_page_diaries, Perfect for book inspired play.
  • Dragon Eggs and Dragon fire toast, recipe and plate idea from Simone from @playwithfood_au.

  • BONUS - make your own Fiery Dragon. 
  • BONUS - make your own Unicorn Face 
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