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'Laugh out Loud' Bigger Hands - Inspire Book Box

'Laugh out Loud' Bigger Hands

"In the mood for a good laugh? If so then this box is the one for you!" 

Whats included:

  • The amazing never-ending book’ a funny and unique story that will keep your reader both puzzled and laughing throughout.
  • Underpants Wonderpants’, have you ever wondered how underpants can save the day? This hilarious book will tell you!
  • Things you never knew about dogs’ discover the incredibly funny secret lives of everyone's favourite four-legged friends
  • The engagement gift -  macaroon erasers .
  • Fun book inspired activities such as
    • Creating a DIY jokes book,
    • Developing an alternative book ending,
    • A fun colouring in activity
    • A funny word find
  • Make your own funny dog puppet, which will inspire hours of imaginative play
  • Savory Emoji Pancake recipe and fun lunchtime emoji plate idea from Simone @playwithfood_au

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