'Fairy Tale Friends' Bigger Hands - Inspire Book Box

'Fairy Tale Friends' Bigger Hands

Fairy tales are more than true...

From fairy tales that have been transported into the modern day and feature scenarios children can relate to and learn to classical stories to enjoy filled with exciting interaction is box is sure to be loved by young and old alike. . 

Fairy Tales help readers develop critical thinking skills and promote imagination. As Albert Einstein said,  “if you want children to be intelligent read them fairy tales”. Fairy Tales also aid in building emotional resilience in a safe environment (reading with mum/dad) through exposure and guided conversation.


Whats included:

  • There are 3 fairytale stories
    • Jack breaks the Beanstalk, Sue Nicholson, Falvia Sorrentino - is a story about honesty. 
    • Snow White and the Star Striker ,Sue Nicholson, Falvia Sorrentino - is a story about teamwork
    • My first storytime, The Gingerbread Man - Fran Manushkin & Tammie Lyon - The perfect beginning reader. 
    • The individual book guides included in the parent booklet will provide an overview of these wonderful books, suggestions on how to enhance the reading experience and educational tips to extend your reader. 
    • Book inspired play activities and crafts:
      • Make your own fairytale scene 
      • Learn to draw gingerbread man
      • Jack breaks the beanstalk story review writing frame 
      • Fairytale Maze 
      • Secret word finder 
      • Fairytale colouring in
      • Plant your own magic beans 
    • Your reader will have lots fun colouring in with their Gingerbread man stacking crayons engagement gift.
    • Plus instructions on how to make a gorgeous fairy tale castle made using the delicious zucchini recipe from Simone from @playwithfood_au

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