'All About Me' Bigger Hands - Inspire Book Box

'All About Me' Bigger Hands

“Who Am I?”
“What do I love about me”
“How does my body work”


Whats included:

  • 'The Human Body - A lift the flap book' - Your little reader will love finding out what is going on underneath their skin, what their five senses are, how their muscles works and more. This stunning fact-filled book will have them thoroughly fascinated. A perfect book to grow with.
  • 'You are like you' book - A beautifully illustrated story that has a powerful message for your little reader about what makes the amazing unique person that is themselves.
  • 'Fins Fluff and other Stuff' book - Your little reader will love imaging what it would be like to be made of lollipops, metal or feathers in this funny yet beautiful story.
  • Each book comes with it's own reading guide, tips, and ideas on how to extend them.
  • This themes engagement gift is a fun skipping rope.
  • The craft activity from Aly @growtoknow is "Human Body". An inspiring activity where your littler person makes their own set of working lungs
  • The lunchbox idea is 'Face Plates'. A creative way to build your little person and have them eat themsleves for lunch!
  • The recipe is low sugar ginger bread men.
  • BONUS - Doodle and Draw Inside, Outside, Everywhere -   A 128 page paper back activity book filled with amazingly imaginative doodles and learning concepts like counting and opposites 
  • BONUS - A build your own dancing skeleton craft activity. This activity perfectly compliments the human body book.  

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