'Big Emotions' Many Hands - Inspire Book Box

'Big Emotions' Many Hands

Books help our little readers to learn about and navigate the world of emotions in powerful ways.


Whats included:

  • ‘Mr Panda’s FEELINGS’  by Steve Antony - Your little reader will love joining Mr Panda to find out why Lemur is happy and Swan is scared. Bold and humorous illustrations, paired with simple text will have your little one engaged from the beginning. A great book for little hands to learn how to identify and express emotions.
  • ‘Bear feels SAD’ by Garry FlemingEveryone has feelings and your little reader will find out all the things that make this loveable bear sad. But also what bear does when he is sad to feel better again. Bear feels sad, is so beautifully illustrated that at times your little reader will feel as though they could reach out and touch bear.
  • 'The Littlest Dragon' by  Susan Quinn & Ag JatkowskaThis lovely book about being small and still finding a fire inside is sure to appeal to your little reader. With beautiful illustrations throughout this delightful tale will provide many a conversation about feelings of inadequacy, overcoming fear, dealing with teasing and the help of friendship and support.
  • 'Tommy Tummy Ache' by Joseph Garcia and Chris Jevons - Tommy hated school, there was nothing worse so he’d fake an illness and be sent to the nurse. But then one day the class goes on a fun excursion and Tommy is suddenly well enough to attend.  A fantastic book to critically analyse with your little reader. Discuss some possible reasons why Tommy didn’t want to attend school and how he could have communicated his feelings differently. 
  • Each book comes with it's own reading guide, tips, and ideas on how to extend them.
  • This themes little hands engagement gift is a beautiful emotions pillow, perfect to cuddle with whilst reading the books.
  • This themes bigger hands engagement gift is a fun emoji toy that lights up when it bounces, perfect for book inspired play.
  • The little hands craft activity is a finger painting sensory play activity inspired by the story Bear Feels SAD contributed by Lycie from @the_page_diaries
  • There are two bigger hands craft activities this month. A sensory experience of painting to different music's and opening themselves to feeling the music emotions. A nature based loose parts faces activity. There are contributed by Analie and Clare from @teachmakecreate. 
  • This lunchbox idea is fun biscuit faces plate idea where your children can design their own emoji cookie.
  • This recipe is a delicious biscuit recipe from Bernadette @goodiegoodielunchbox.
  • BONUS - make your own emotions paper plates activity (happy, sad, scared, excited)

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