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'Fairytales Retold' Tween Premium Box 'Fairytales Retold' Tween Premium Box

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.

Fairytales help young readers develop critical thinking skills and promote the development of the imagination. As Albert Einstein said, “if you want children to be intelligent read them fairytales”. Fairytales also aid in building emotional resilience in a safe environment through exposure and guided conversation.

What is included:

  • There are 2 beautifully retold books in your box 
    • Hilary McKay's Fairy Tales, Hilary McKay - This beautifully presented collection of fairytales as retold by award winning author Hilary McKay is sure to engage your reader.
    • My Rotten Stepbrother Ruined Snow White, Jerry Mahoney Your reader will love following Maddie and her disgusing, annoying stepbrother Holden as they race to fix Snow White.
  • Accompanying each of your books are a set of specially crafted activities designed to stimulate your readers critical thinking processes and help develop their comprehension skills.  These are designed to be worked through together or independently. 
  • There is also a set of book inspired beyond the book activities and crafts:
    • A fairytale object how many graphing activity
    • A fairytale word search
    • Some fairytale story prompts to unleash the inner writer
    • A fun fairytale collage craft for some imaginative creativity
    • There are also three bookish gifts included in this months box:  a gorgeous Mandela-inspired Fantasy colouring in book, perfect for quite contemplation and resetting, a beautiful wooden whistle, perfect for using in imaginative play, and a cute pocket sized notebook and pencil set to inspire your young reader to have a go at penning their own fairytale.