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'Magical Things' Bigger Hands Mini Box

'Magical Things' Bigger Hands Mini Box

This box will stimulate your readers imagination, creativity and sense of wonder. 


It is magical to be a child and we really should let kids relish in the magic of childhood.  The world is new, everything is an adventure, there are unlimited things to explore, and their imagination is free to create whatever possibilities it chooses. This box is designed to stimulate your readers imagination, creativity and sense of wonder. 


What is included:

  • There are 2 fun books for your reader to delve into.
    • Your reader will love joining the magical superhero BumbleBunnies on their adventure in Bumble Bunnies: The Pond, Book1 by Graeme Base
    • The second book in your box ‘Quick as a Wink, Fairy Pink by Lesley Gibbes & Sara Acton is an interactive book, enticing readers into a game of fairy-hide-and-seek.
  • The individual book guides included in the parent booklet will provide an overview of these wonderful books, suggestions on how to enhance the reading experience and educational tips to extend your reader. 
  • Book inspired learning activities and crafts include:.  
    • Colour by numbers mermaid 
    • Pond scavenger hunt 
    • Dragon word finder
    • Fairy maze
    • Fozzie’s Tooth Fairy Song 
    • Fairy flower bath sensory play
  • Colour, build and play dragon puppets by Claire at @devinelittleminds. 
  • The engagement gift, Unicorn Horn Chalk is perfect to encourage outdoor imaginative play.
  • Plus your box includes a gorgeous yet healthy magical unicorn treat recipe your reader will love.

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