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'All About Animals' Many Hands Mini Box

This box will ignite your readers interest in the animal world around us. 


This theme is all about exploring the animals which hold a special place in our world.  From our family pets and local wildlife to exotic animals at the zoo, animals can bring us so much joy.  This box explores animals from the arctic, such as Polar Bears and Seals, right through to local wildlife, such as Frogs and Ducks.

What is included:

  • There are 3 wonderful books for your readers to explore:
    • In Rabbit Races Ahead, your bigger reader will learn that it's not always about winning.
    • Your little reader will get hands on learning about the pond in Peek-a-Boo Pond!
    • Your little reader will also love helping Little Joey find her bounce in The Little Joey Who Lost Her Bounce.
  • The individual book guides included in the parent booklet will provide an overview of these wonderful books, suggestions on how to enhance the reading experience and educational tips to extend your reader.
  • Book inspired learning activities and crafts for your little reader include:
    • Duck maze
    • Farm colouring in
    • Little red hen number song
    • Animal counting
    • Pond scavenger hunt
    • Wooly sheep craft
  • Book inspired learning activities and crafts for your bigger reader include:
    • Yoga sheep
    • Secret word find
    • Rabbit map
    • Farm colouring in
    • Animal how many
    • Owl paper art scene
  • The engagement gifts are perfect for pretend play, a Funny Faces at the Zoo interactive mask book for your little reader and a cuddly Panda backpack for your bigger reader.  There is also a bonus gift of Jungle Dominoes for lots of family fun.
  • Plus your box includes a fun and delicious orange chick recipe your reader will love helping you create.

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