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3D Paper Witch

3D Paper Witch

Create a spooky table top decoration using only paper with this fun and cute 3D witch craft!

This paper based activity has loads of opportunities to practice important pre-school skills, including scissor skills, concentration and fine motor skills, as they carefully cut out all the parts for their witch and create the feathering required to glue the parts together.

This craft is also great for introducing the mathematical concepts of shape and space. As you craft together, be sure to discuss what shapes you’re creating and how they combine together to make the final design.


What you'll need

How to make them

1.  Carefully cut out all parts from your templates.

2.  Take the large black part and place glue on the side flap. Curve the other side around to form a cone and stick the edges together.

3.  On the small black part, use your scissors to cut small cuts approximately 1/2cm deep all the way along the long curve. Place glue on the side flap and curve the other side around to form a cone.

4.  Fold the flaps around the base of the small cone up so they sit out from the cone. Place glue on the underside of the flaps and glue the cone to the middle of the black circle.

5.  Cut similar small cuts all the way along the top edge of the face part.  Place glue on the side flap and curve around to make a cylinder, then fold all the flaps down.

6.  Place glue on the top of the flaps and glue to the other side of the black circle.

7.  Place glue around the top of the large black cone, then slip the witches face on top and hold until dry.



You can find this activity and more in our Happy Halloween book boxes, or grab a copy of the templates here.  Do you have a little witch lover who'd love to make their own paper witch?  Tag us in at @inspirebookbox on Facebook and Instagram and show us your kids creations!


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